The Aquasol Philosophy


The Aquasol philosophy can be summed up in one word – simple.  Aquasol was founded back in 1975 on the belief that pool and spa chemical controllers don’t have to be difficult, cumbersome, or expensive to buy or service.  Over the past 40 years Aquasol has never strayed from this philosophy.  If a feature is not simple to use, reliable, and easy to service, you won’t see that feature on an Aquasol controller.

Aquasol also believes strongly in fast, efficient, and friendly customer service.  We pride ourselves in the fact that if you have a problem, you can reach a “Live” person who, 98% of the time,  can solve your problem over the phone.  You will not find another company in the industry that truly cares as much about its customers as Aquasol.

We feel that we are here to help you and make you and your customers pool experience a little better.  Give Aquasol  a call today, and find out why Aquasol controllers are one of the most popular controllers in the world, and why Aquasol is one of the most respected names in the industry.  You’ll be glad you did.