Flow Cell

Our patented side inlet-top outlet design eliminates air and debris providing the electrodes a test area free of interference signals from water turbulence and velocity.

Safety Pressure Switch

The Aquasol Safety Pressure Switch eliminates the possibility of injecting chlorine and acid (or CO2) together into a line with no water flow. This prevents the formation of chlorine gases in a dry line.

Bleach Storage Tank

Store 3 times the amount of bleach as a 55 gallon drum in the same floor space.

A Tank insert can be added if regulations require spill containment.

Tapered design allows stacking to save on shipping costs.

ORP/pH Electrodes

The electrodes are designed for pool pH and chlorine controllers.  They are constructed with a color epoxy body that protects the platinum band and sensor tip.  They come standard with a 10’ lead and BNC connectors

Field Service Products