Why Automate?


  • Continuously monitors both pH and sanitizer
  • Saves on chemicals – up to 40%
  • Eliminates guesswork and human error
  • Saves on labor of testing and correcting
  • Adjusts automatically for varying bather load
  • Eliminates odor and eye burn complaint
  • Reduces pool and equipment maintenance
  • Eliminates need for frequent shocking
  • Reduces liability of pool operations

Aquasol SPC/WTC

Aquasol XPC

The Model Aquatic Health Code (“MAHC”)

FINDINGS:  Automatic controllers are more reliable as a monitoring device than personnel and hand feeding chemicals.
RECOMMENDATIONS:  That automated controllers be required for use on every Aquatic Venue in which the general public is exposed to water intended for recreational or therapeutic purposes.
The MAHC, sponsored by the CDC, is a project founded on science and best practices aiming to help state and local professionals make swimming healthier and safer.  For complete information about the project, go to www.cdc.gov.

Safety First

An essential factor in maintaining your pool water is that it must be tended to frequently, assessing the chemical balance and figuring out the appropriate chemicals needed during various swimmer and non­-swimmer times. Too much, or too little, can create a hazardous environment for both swimmers and workers.

The Aquasol line of controllers analyze the water, based on the number of swimmers, the environment,  and dispenses the proper amount of required chemicals to the pool. Handling pools chemicals can be the most dangerous part of pool maintenance. A controller makes it safer for workers who will not be required to manually handle the chemicals. The addition of our Safety Pressure Switch further assures a sufficient water flow before the controller dispenses the chemicals, thus protecting from the formation of chlorine gases in a dry line.

Our Areas of Expertise

The Aquasol line of Chemical Controllers automatically maintains both the chlorine/bromine residual (using ORP technology) and pH in your pool or spa, continuously providing sanitary, clear water while eliminating tedious manual water testing and treatment.

Aquasol eliminates the problems associated with water chemistry control. By paying for themselves through chemical savings and reduced labor costs.  The Aquasol Controllers is an essential item to the operating budget of any commercial pool/spa operator.

Note: The use of a controller does not negate the responsibility to follow pool testing specified by health codes.